Terrace House

This project involved the renovation of the existing single storey terrace house in Bondi Junction into a 3 storey terrace house. Using the adjoining terrace hose as a precedent the streetscape was converted into a two storey terrace. The fall of the land to the rear enabled an additional level to the inserted under the street level. This level contains laundry, storage and a multi-use room that opens to the rear courtyard.

The main living level includes a guest bedroom/study at the front, main bathroom and open plan living area opening out to a covered terrace overlooking the rear yard. The upper level includes 3 additional bedroom spaces. The central bedroom space features a series of retractable doors to the stairwell so that this room can act as an open plan study or play room. A 3 storey stairwell with a sculptural north facing skylight above, funnels light into the centre of the house.

Development Approval was granted in 2005.