Semi Detached Residences

This project involves the development of 2 attached dwellings on a deep set waterfront property on the Brisbane Water at Wagstaffe, Central Coast. Each house is designed as 3 detached pavilions linked by external courtyards in true holiday house style. These include a single storey garage pavilion, a 2 storey bedroom “bunk house” and a single storey living room “boat house” pavilion complete with outdoor dunny.

The courtyards act as an extension of the internal spaces with a series of stepped decks linking the pavilions together. A semi mature Jacarandah  tree is retained and incorporated into the courtyard design for instant shade and a spot for the swing.

The pavilions are raised from the ground level due to flood requirements and construction is kept simple with a timber frame with lightweight cladding and metal roof sheeting. Each house is designed with it’s own roof form so that identity and ownership is reinforced.