Kellie Residence

This project includes an upper level addition to a 1980’s clinker brick project home overlooking Copacabana Beach on the Central Coast. The project embraces its suburban context and provides a model for sustainable reuse. The new upper level enhances the existing structure and includes new living spaces, bedroom and deck taking advantage of the southerly views from the elevated site which is nestled high in the saddle between the Copacabana and Bouddi National Park headlands.

The elongated form of new upper level living area mirrors the headlands form, providing light and privacy from the street to the north and a platform from which to enjoy the view to the south. Low walls and solid balustrades capture the ocean view in a protective yet dramatic way. Coloured fins are lit by skylights which provide soft lighting to the central stair and projecting deck and reference classic holiday house style.

A sweeping pergola, which will eventually be covered with vines, provides a green horizontal border between the existing house and the new upper level. A dense pattern of timber battens provide an asymmetrical bay to streetscape as a contemporary response in kin to the suburban context.

This project received a Residential Architecture Award in the NSW AIA Architecture Awards 2012.