Hudson O’Neill Residence

The planning strategy for this house in Coogee evolved around the impacts of a large and visually dominant house immediately to the north that significantly overshadowed the site and a 8 meter cross fall through the site from the street.

The principal building mass was pushed to the south boundary and two courtyards were created – a garden courtyard in the northeast corner and a pool deck courtyard in the northwest corner. These spaces allow for maximum sunlight into the dwelling in the morning and early afternoon. The principal living area is located between these two courtyards and opens to both as a kind of “garden room”.

The house and courtyard spaces have been conceived as a series of platforms that gently meander around the site. The platforms have been extended to the rear of the site to create a series of decks, pool, pergola and roof elements that assist in shielding the western sun and providing privacy from adjoining dwellings while maintaining district garden views to the hills of Randwick.

The plan form offers a broken down building mass and features a kick back roof form to the principal building façade to allow for high level northern windows to the upper bedroom level. A variety of building materials offer a relaxed beach style with hardwood timber, ribbed plywood, fiber cement and render. Passive ESD principals of site planning, orientation, shading and cross ventilation underpin the design.

The house is featured in Feb 2009 issue of Houses Magazine and in House and Garden Best Rooms feature.